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Orange Class


In English we work with the Read Write Inc. programme. This programme teaches children how to read and spell by using the phonic programme. In Orange Class the children that have gone through the Read Write Inc. programme will do Literacy lessons. Throughout the year they will cover how to write a letter, create our own stories, learn how to write in the 1st and 3rd person and focus on grammar.



Throughout the year Orange Class will cover solving money problems by looking at how to add and subtract money using mental arithmetic. We will look at different ways of dividing, the children will practise doing this mentally and also looking at dividing with remainders. The Class will look at multiplication they will do this through a way of different techniques and find the best route for them. Orange Class will also look at area and perimeter though shapes and objects around the class room. Every morning the children will come into class and have a different morning activity on their desks this will be to re enforce their learning in Maths. The morning challenges will cover everything they have already learnt but using different methods.  



Throughout the year Orange Class will cover plants, the growth and what helps plants grow. We will look at the human body and what we need to help keep ourselves healthy. We will look at electricity and how to make our own circuit. We will also cover a wide range of living things across the world.



Other Subjects:



The children in term 1 will be looking at Great Britain where it is located on a map, which continent we are a part of. They will look at the different lifestyles of Great Britain compared to other countries. Term 2 they will look at Ancient Egypt and the achievements of the earliest civilizations. Term 3 they will look at Rainforests and discover the secrets of the Rainforest. They will look at what animals are in the Rainforest and they survive. Term 4 Orange Class will look at the Saxon Settlers. Term 5 Orange Class will look at countries of the world and the history in some of the countries of the world. Term 6 they will discover the history from 1066 they will look at the toys and adverts from the history and compare them to today.



Throughout the year Orange Class will cover lots of different beliefs and faiths, they will cover what is Divali, what happens in a Catholic church, who is Jesus and what is the Lord ’s Prayer.



Orange Class will be learning the skills they need in Basket Ball, Football, Gymnastics, Dance, Tennis and Rounder’s.



Over the year the children will look at how to use ICT purposefully within school and then link this to common uses of ICT outside of school. They will then move on to thinking about how to keep safe when using the internet and where to go for help if they have a problem. Beebots and probots will help the children to predict the behaviour of simple programs and create algorithms. Orange Class will also be working with ipads, how to use them safely and what you can use an ipad for.



In Orange Class each day the children will cover PHSE, throughout the year the children will look at New Beginnings how to handle change and something new. The class will look at setting a goal and trying to achieve the goals. Orange Class will look at healthy living and lifestyle choices. Orange Class will look at the different relationships they can have in their life and how to have a safe relationship with people they don’t know.

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