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In the Autumn term, the pupils study; Classic fiction, Biographies and autobiographies, Recounts, Instructions and Explanations and Slam poetry. In the Spring term, the pupils study; Mystery (short stories), Drama, Argument and debate, Non-fiction reports and Journalistic writing, Classic narrative and oral poems and Poetic style. In the Summer term, the pupils study Classic fiction, Fantasy, Persuasive writing, Non-chronological reports, Debates and the Power of imagery.



In the Autumn term, the pupils study; Place value and written addition, Decimals and written addition, Subtraction, 2D shape and mental multiplication, Mental multiplication and fractions, Place value and written multiplication, Fractions, Multiplication and division, Place value, Decimals and subtraction, Measures, 3D shape and fractions, Mental and written calculation. In the Spring term, the pupils’ study Place value and negative numbers, Mental addition and subtraction including money, Place value and addition of decimals, Co-ordinates and statistics, Mental multiplication and division, Written multiplication, Fractions, Decimals percentages and mean, Written division, Multiplication and division fractions, Perimeter, Area and volume, Place value, Subtraction, Scaling, ratios, Percentages, Number, Subtraction and algebra, Written multiplication and division, Mental/written addition and subtraction. In the summer term, the pupils study; Number place value and time, Subtraction, Area and perimeter, Multiplication, division and percentages, Geometry and data, Fractions and subtraction, Mental multiplication, Written division and ratio, Written multiplication and division, Time line graphs and rate, Decimals and subtraction, Written multiplication, Fractions and patterns and Calculation (all four operations).



In Science, pupils working at upper key stage 2 level will cover; All living things, Animals including humans, Properties and changes of materials, Earth and space, Forces, Evolution and inheritance and Light and electricity.



In RE, upper key stage 2 pupils cover; Stories of faith, Milestones and meaning, Sikhism in Britain, Religions in our community, Whose world is it? Hinduism in Britain, Beliefs and actions in the world, Life and death, The meaning of symbolism of festivals and words of wisdom.



Upper key stage 2 will look at New Beginnings, School council, Healthy eating, Getting on and falling out, Sport and peace, Anti-bullying, Road safety, Going for goals, Personal finance, Careers related learning, Good to be me, First Aid, Sex and relationships, Drugs, Road safety, Rail safety, Changes, Healthy lifestyles. E-safety and financial capability.



In history the children will look at WW11 to the present day. This will focus on the changes that happened during this period with things such as music and fashion, also, looking at events that occurred during this time. In addition to this the children will look at Viking invaders and the ancient Olympics.



In geography the first focus is ‘The world as we know it’. This focus’ on different countries, countries in Europe, continents and landmarks. Also, the children will look at water worlds, this has a focus on coastal erosion and the impact it has on people’s lives as well as the physical geography of the coasts in the UK. Finally, the children will look at rivers around the UK and the world.



In computing the children will look at e-safety and how to use the internet safely, responsibly and respectfully. Also, how to report any concerns and inappropriate behaviour that they come across on the internet. Knowledge will be gained in computer networks and search technologies. The children will learn how to collect, analyse, evaluate and present data and information that they have gathered. In addition to this the children will learn how to explain algorithms and detect and correct errors in algorithms and programmes. Finally, the children will learn how to design, write and debug programmes that accomplish specific goals.



The first focus in Music is rounds, the children will earn how to hold a 2-part round with confidence. Another focus will be song writing, the children will create melodies and create simple songs to perform. Also, the children will create rhythmic patterns and sign confidently and expressively.



Design Technology:

In term 1 the children will have an introduction to Design & Technology (DT) and learn about sketching, health and safety and basic use of tools and equipment. The children will design and make a toy out of recycled materials and evaluate the finished product. Also, the children will design and make a moving monster, a pop up story book and picture frames using recycled materials.



In PE the first area of focus is football. The children will learn how to pass and control the ball as well as shooting and defending. Basketball and hockey will develop their team skills and group work. Another focus is gymnastics. The children will learn different balances and rolls as well as develop their agility and co-ordination. Another are of focus will be dance, this is when the children can perform to a variety of dance styles. The children will also take part in tennis, where they will learn the rules and scoring. Finally, the children will enjoy striking and fielding activities such as rounders and cricket.

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