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Lead Teacher: Mrs P Bell


MFL/Spanish is a requirement for KS2 and KS3 only. The school use the Catherine Cheater Scheme of work which builds on prior knowledge. Maplefields are currently phasing in all of the schemes since the introduction of the 2014 National Curriculum, so expectations of KS3 pupils may be lower due to there being no previous languages taught.




Lower Key Stage 2 – Children will be introduced to the Catherine Cheater scheme that begins at Year 3. Most of the lessons will be based around listening to the sounds of the Spanish language and learning basic greetings, some colours and numbers. They will listen to stories that will incorporate the basic language and will be encouraged to identify any familiar words. Speaking and listening through games is also encouraged at the early stages.

Upper Key Stage 2 – The Catherine Cheater scheme for Year 3 is continued throughout this year with the option to move on to the Year 4 towards the middle of year 6 to prepare for the content which will be covered in Year 7. Consolidation of prior learning and building on language skills by adding more numbers to their vocabulary, as well as more colours, more formal and informal greeting are also explored. Language skills are encouraged through games and songs.



Yr7 – Consolidating previous vocabulary on colours and numbers but increasing the content e.g. more numbers/different colours. Introducing noun genders for animal names. Building simple sentences with basic introductions. Extending their knowledge of finger rhymes and skills at identifying key letter and sound patterns. Using vocabulary linked to basic feelings e.g. hunger and thirst. Months of the year. Also learning about countries around the world where Spanish is spoken.


Yr8 – Work follows on from previous Catherine Cheater scheme (Yr3 and 4 in primary/Yr7) on to the scheme for year 5. The focus is on noun genders, verbs and definite/indefinite articles. The vocabulary is built on from previous primary stage and consolidated. Alongside consolidation of prior vocabulary the children learn new words and begin to build up their skills in using bilingual dictionaries.  Likes and dislikes are covered as well as an introduction to telling the time using hour, half and quarters. Personal appearance, self, family and friends.


Year 9 – Continuation of, and building on Year 8. More emphasis on longer sentence writing, using the three main tenses of the verbs. Tourism, holidays and describing their own towns and cities. Grammar to include adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs. Food and drink and shopping. Basic health vocabulary.

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