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Green Class


In English the children will learn all of the 40+ phonemes through a scheme called Read Write Inc. They will be working on the stage relating to their own personal ability and completing writing tasks alongside reading stories. The writing tasks will be using speech and thought bubbles, writing letters, retelling stories, character descriptions and writing instructions. The children will learn what each type of word (adjective, noun, verb and adverb) is called and how to put them into a sentence. Then what each sentence is relating to the punctuation needed at the end (question, command, statement or exclamation). Reading will be carried out daily on a 1:1 basis.



The children will look at 1 and 10 more or less than any number up to 100 and how this relates to addition and subtraction. They will learn how to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s linking to multiplication. The children will also practice writing the numbers to 20 in words. They will also work on fractions, finding halves and quarters of shapes and amounts.

Within measure the children will compare height, length and weight using the correct terminology. They will record what they find out when working within capacity and volume. Months of the year and days of the week will be worked on so the children can identify them in the correct order. Finally they will name 2D and 3D shapes identifying their properties in order for us to name them.



The children will be learning about plants and how they grow including investigations into how the parts of a plant help them grow. This then leads into the topic of animals and how they grow, what habitats they live in and what they eat. They will learn about different materials and whether they are natural or manmade and if they can change shape. Lastly they will look at light, associating shadows with light and how shadows can change and why.



Other Subjects:



The children will be looking at events beyond living memory (The great fire of London). They will then look at changes within living memory (Comparing the 1960’s to today) and finally they will look at historical events, places and people within our own locality, such as Charles Wicksteed. During these topics they will create timelines to understand when each event occurred in relation to their own lives.



In Geography the children will be looking at the British Isles and then comparing and contrasting them with the Galapagos Island. This will include looking at different geographical features. The children will end the year by looking at the weather around the world, including countries closest to the equator and how this effects the weather.



For the first 2 terms the children will be gaining an understanding of people in Christianity and how they are important within the religion. For the terms 3 and 4 they will look at the family in Judaism. This will include comparing how and why Jewish and Christian people celebrate festivals and how Jewish people believe the world was created. Finally they will study questions about God. During each term the children will have an opportunity to compare religions with their own lives and to discuss their own personal beliefs.



The children will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience of ball skills. This will be taught through football, basketball, hockey, tennis and cricket. The children will learn how to throw using different techniques and how to catch different sized balls. All of these sports will promote team work and basic skills. They will also carry out sessions on gymnastics and dance that will help the children with balance and sequencing.



Over the year the children will look at how to use ICT purposefully within school and then link this to common uses of ICT outside of school. They will then move on to thinking about how to keep safe when using the internet and where to go for help if they have a problem. Beebots and ProBots will help the children to predict the behaviour of simple programs and create algorithms.



Working in groups and as a class the children will learn how to keep safe when crossing roads, in the sun and near drugs or medicines. Keeping healthy is another main area within this year as they will learn about healthy eating, teeth and general healthy lifestyles. This all links in to the constant teaching of relationships and raising our own confidence and self-esteem.

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