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Attainment & Results

Maplefields Academy Analysis and Evaluation of Pupil Attainment and Progress September 2020 - July 2021

What is expected progress at Maplefields? [methodology and criteria]

After working alongside two outstanding SEMH provisions we at Maplefields have identified that the expectation of progress in core subjects is 2 sub stages (between 60-70%) over the academic year. In foundation subjects we also expect 2 sub stages (between 60-70%) over the academic year due to key stage groupings. Due to the complex needs of our pupils this sometimes has to be adapted to meet the specific needs of the pupils. Some pupils may progress at a slower rate. We take in to account starting points and rates of learning in their previous setting. We also take a holistic viewpoint that will inform any judgement.


  Target Setting

Staff set individual targets for students that they teach in all subjects. The targets are set using prior attainment and progress knowledge of the students and using the information from the student profiles on Classroom Monitor. Students are set realistic targets that should be achievable by the end of the year/key stage and also a challenging target which would be possible if the student did not have the challenges to learning that they experience during the year ie absence, family circumstance etc.


The results are RAG rated and this is exceptionally helpful in readily showing which classes and subjects make the most and least progress. The school continues to refine its process in target setting and tracking progress year on year.


Covid amendments

Due to the timing of the return from lockdown for a large proportion of our students, there was a change in scheduled assessment points. Assessment point 2 (usually taken in March)) was delayed until the end of May/start of June to allow for students to settle and re-engage in to the school ecosystem and enable our recovery curriculum to support the transition back to school. A 3rd assessment point was therefore not taken. This was due to the limited time remaining to capture any further assessment due to the needs of our students. Student’s at Maplefields progress at a slower pace and therefore would struggle to demonstrate progress in such a short period. Instead we used this opportunity to transition to our new assessment system (Earwig Assessment), and we will use this as an opportunity to baseline on the new system and to train staff to assess using the new system.


As a result of this unprecedented year, Classroom Monitor assessment (target setting) has been analysed in two ways:


Based on normal expectations of percentage progress made at the time assessment point was taken (original expectations are for students to be making between 40-50% progress from starting points at this snapshot of the academic year)


Based on an amended percentage progress bracket as a result of the impact of lockdown due to covid (approximately 8/39 weeks lost which equates to 20% of the school year, progress banding reduced to between 27-37% as a result which is a 20% reduction).


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