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Yr7 – Pupils study units from the Locally Agreed syllabus including some school designed units. In the autumn term, they will study the themes “Right & Wrong” and “What do Christians believe about God?” In the spring term, they will study “Judaism as a living religion” and draw comparisons with further work on the Christian idea of God. In the summer term, they study more aspects of Judaism and “What do people really believe” which aims to dispel some myths and misinformation.


Yr8 – Continuing to follow the Locally Agreed Syllabus, in the autumn term pupils study units on “Christian teachings on origins, purpose and destiny”, also looking at “Christian ways of life”. In the spring and summer terms, they look at “Buddhism as a living religion” drawing comparisons again with Christian ways of life.


Year 9 – In the autumn term, pupils look at “Places in Religion” from a global perspective, followed by “Religion and the arts”. In the spring they study “Islam as a living religion”, followed by “Hinduism as a living religion”, comparing and contrasting the two. In the summer, they study “Sikhism as a living religion” and “Learning from Religion and Science”.


Year 10 – Pupils continue to learn about Christianity and other religions, allowing them to make more in-depth analyses of similarities and differences. They work through thematic units which cover beliefs, ways of life, expression, belonging, meaning and values and commitment. These involve discussion about concepts such as Good and Evil, Science and its relation to Faith and Ethics.


Year 11 – Working through thematic units, pupils continue to study Christianity alongside other religions. Units cover Spirituality, including non-faith spirituality, Questions about the existence of God and Poverty and Wealth.

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