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Extended Team

At Maplefields we don't just provide teaching to your children... our Extended Team promotes effective and supportive relationships with parents/carers and other professionals, working towards our agreed aims and values, to encourage all to make a positive contribution.


The Extended Team's key services and support work are:

  • To help children and young people develop a respect for themselves and others in order to be able to follow rules and become integrated and accepted members of society who can form positiove meaningful relationships while staying safe.
  • To provide opportunities for all children and young people to participate in broad and balanced activities encouraging them to be healthy, to encourage each child and young person to succeed and achieve their full potential.
  • To encourage parents/carers to learn and establish routines looking at individual and family needs.
  • To empower parent/carers to be economically active and promote economic well-being by maintaining a better lifestyle for the family.
  • To offer, in addition, a range of activities outside the normal routine and environment, giving the children/young people opportunities to participate, enjoy and achieve through activities in order to learn both social and behavioural skills through structured play and activities.


How the Extended Team can promote the 5 key outcomes

Be Healthy

  • Education in sexual health
  • Encourage children and young people to eat healthy food
  • Multi-agency support
  • Staff trained in healthy food
  • Encourage parents and carers to offer
  • Balanced diet at home
  • Make posters, literature available
  • Provide information about healthy lifestyles

Stay safe

  • Involvement of children and young people
  • Give children and young people guidance about road safety
  • Offer support to parents and carers
  • Advice and information for parents and carers
  • Promote and encourage children's/young people's welfare
  • Safe social learning environment

Enjoy and Achieve

  • Contribute to the attainment and behaviour in schools through greater involvement from parents and carers
  • Enjoyment of school play scheme
  • Promote achievement of special needs young people
  • Enjoyment through 1:1 support
  • Art enrichment programme
  • Social activity in the community
  • Enjoyment through outdoor activities

Make a positive contribution

  • Good support to teachers for pastoral care
  • Support to vulnerable children and young people
  • Active School Council
  • Parent and carers group
  • Children and young people involved in staff recruitment

Achieve Economic well-being

  • Support to parents, carers
  • Purposeful engagement with children and young people and parents/carers
  • Support to parents and carers to be economically active
  • Empowering parents, carers to maintain better lifestyles outside the school environment for their family

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