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Physical Education is an important subject for all of pupils across our primary and secondary provision. PE allows our pupils to develop confidence, both within school and through extra curriculum activities. Pupil’s work as individuals, in groups and in teams, developing concepts of fairness and of personal and social responsibility. They take on different roles and responsibilities, including leadership, coaching and officiating which links to our Sports Leaders qualification offer in KS4. Through the range of experiences that PE offers, pupils learn how to be effective in competitive, creative and challenging situations.


Aims and objectives:


Maplefields Academy follows aims and objectives in order to fully support the learning environment for all pupils across the academy:


  1. Provide opportunities for all pupils within the academy to experience a board range of physical activities and sports.
  2. Increase pupil’s engagement of physical activity by providing intriguing and challenging lessons supported by extra curriculum activities. 
  3. Provide opportunities for all pupils to participate in competitive sports/competitions.
  4. For all pupils to understand how to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.
  5. Ensuring that pupils are being provided with a board and balanced curriculum.
  6. Designing a curriculum to be enjoyable, but at the same time develop and stimulate students; physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.


Our offer across all key stages within the academy:


At key stage 1 & 2 pupils receive two 45-minute lessons per week, one lesson taught by a specialist PE teacher with a second PE lesson being delivered by the class teacher. At key stage 3 and key stage 4 pupils are taught by specialist PE staff with three 45-minute lesson per week.


In order to enhance our curriculum, long term curriculum planning allows for the development of skills to be built upon year on year from the early stages within our primary school right through to the latter stages of key stage 4. Curriculum mapping has been designed and created for all activities delivered in order to follow a sequence of learning for all pupils within the academy. In addition to the curriculum mapping and sequencing of learning, medium term planning supports the learning process of our pupils by identifying individual needs of all learners with interventions put into place to ensure every has an equal opportunity to succeed.    


In accordance with the long-term plan, each term will provide a focus of two different activities within primary and three within secondary. The curriculum mapping further supports the planning and sequencing of learning. There will be a skill-based element for each activity with progression being addressed through careful planning and assessment of the relevant skills. Medium term plans are produced by individual teachers of PE and are reflected upon weekly in correlation with the curriculum mapping.


In order to support our offer provided through long term planning and curriculum mapping, opportunities our provided for pupils to participate in extra curriculum activities such as break and lunch activities, gifted and talented sessions as well as our extended day (lesson 6). Through providing a variety of break and lunchtime activities, pupils are able to further develop skills learnt within PE lessons and apply these within a competitive and positive environment. Gifted and talented sessions showcase the excellent ability of pupils within the academy and allow for the key stages to interlink to further challenge pupils’ skills and knowledge for the activity. Additionally, our extended day (lesson 6) funded by the Big Lottery Fund, supports PE lessons by encouraging pupils to remain activity and healthy while continuing to learn from both PE teachers and experienced/professional coaches from outside organisations.     


Early years/KS1/KS2:


In order to fully support pupils progress throughout PE lesson, the curriculum mapping has a focus on developing and challenging pupils’ fundamental skills for the activity they are participating within with a focus on ‘remembering and understand’ key concepts. Within the KS2 curriculum mapping, pupils further explore key concepts within the activity they are participating in by ‘understanding and applying’ skills learnt.




Through providing a board and balanced curriculum, pupils within our KS3 cohort participate in a wide variety of activities. The purpose of the KS3 provision is for pupils to become increasing more confidence in the key concepts in which they are learning and are beginning to ‘apply skills and analyse own performance’.




PE lessons for our KS4 cohort have a focus upon ‘analysing, evaluating and creating’. Lessons are tailored to meet the needs of all learners with a board and balanced curriculum being provided. Pupils within KS4 have the opportunity to undertake Level 1 and 2 Sports Leaders Qualification. The course is designed to assist young people develop their knowledge, leadership and enjoyment of sport. Pupils undertaking the Sports Leadership Qualification will learn important life skills such as effective communication and organisation whilst learning to lead physical activities to both younger people/peers within school and through external competitions.  


The learning environment is one of very high expectations and the atmosphere within lessons and extra curriculum activities is such that pupils can gain confidence in physical activity in a safe environment where success is positively reinforced. The aim is to give every student who attends Maplefields Academy the confidence and skills to maintain life-long participation in sport and physical exercise.  


Network inclusive


Special school inclusive network:


We are also very proud to be a central and integral part of the Northamptonshire Inclusive Schools Sports Network. Playing a key role within this network allows us to offer our pupils to many opportunities to be physically active. Pupils are able to participate in a variety of sporting events and experience a competitive competition. Maplefields follow the school games values provided by the Youth Sport Trust, determination, honesty, passion, respect, self-belief and teamwork. We continue to participate in events provided as part of the inclusive network programme and we are confident in achieving our School Games Gold award.   


PE jobs for pupils:


As part of the whole school target ‘readiness for work and preparing for adulthood’, pupils across secondary have been provided with the opportunity to apply and participate in interviews for the following three jobs within the PE department these being: PE Technician, Sports Journalist and Sports Administrator. The process has been designed in order to support pupil’s ability to apply for jobs and to provided them with a sense of responsibility within the academy.     


PE loan scheme (remote learning):


Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, to support remote learning within PE, pupils were provided with the opportunity to have access to sports equipment. High quality remote learning through all national lockdowns meant that students were able to remain physical active through planning provided by PE teachers which was supported by the equipment loan scheme for pupils to remain motivated at home. Pupils within the academy regularly participated in the Northamptonshire Sport virtual school games challenge. As an academy our excellent determination and commitment was rewarded with 1st place positions week on week through the national lockdown. The PE loan scheme assist with pupil’s ability to fully engage with the challenges provided. Furthermore, the Northamptonshire Sport lockdown league became and hugely successful addition to the national lockdown as pupils were given a focus to become physically active. All active minutes were submitted and due to an excellent achievement by all pupils across the academy as well as the staff meant that Maplefields finished 3rd in the county, achieving higher active minutes than mainstream schools in the county.  


Health and Wellbeing programme (sports coach, trainers, trips):


This year we have introduced our health and wellbeing programme in order to support both pupils and staff within the academy. Our healthy living programme offer is provided to our pupils and parents/careers to support a healthy lifestyle. The programme consists of staff mentors for 24 pupils within the academy to have regular check ins with their mentees as well as having contact with parents/careers regarding a positive attitude to health and wellbeing. Pupils on the programme have been provided with sportswear in order to further promote health and wellbeing and support PE lessons.


Pupils on the health and wellbeing programme are provided with ingredients to cook with at home with our school chef providing online video’s for pupils to follow along with which supports healthy living and life skills.


To support being healthy, being in the outdoors and to support the academy curriculum drivers (Communication, Healthy Relationships, Independence and Self-esteem), Health & Wellbeing trips have been implemented for all classes across the academy. Each class across the academy organises their own Health & Wellbeing week which cumulates in our Health & Wellbeing Trip.


We have also employed a Health and Wellbeing coach to provide 1:1 fitness/activity sessions with pupils on the programme to support their development. Additionally, we now also have an art therapist to work with our pupils as part of the programme.  


In order to further support our health and wellbeing programme, as an academy, including pupils, staff, parents and careers, Maplefields fitness challenges have been launched. Our first challenge ‘500 miles’ launched during the third national lockdown. Using the fitness app ‘MapMyWalk’ pupils and staff aimed to walk 500 miles in six weeks. The challenge was hugely successful with pupils fully engaging both remotely and while in school throughout the lockdown. Over the course of the six weeks due to the excellent effort from pupils and staff, in total, 844 miles were walked contributing to an engaging physical and mental health challenge. Our next challenge ‘Walk to Tokyo’ has begun in reference of the Olympic and Paralympic games taking place in the summer of 2021. As an academy both pupils and staff are challenged to walk to Tokyo before the last week of the academic year.     


Finally, as part of the Health and Wellbeing programme, Maplefields is now proudly part of the National Well Schools Programme.




Funding partners


Wilson foundation: 


Following a successful application to the Wilson Foundation, funding of fishing equipment has been approved allowing for pupils across the academy to attend fishing trips. The trips are included as part of the Health and Wellbeing programme with pupils attending gaining an exceptional experience. 


Macron sports/star of the week reward scheme:


We continue to work with Macron sports as a sponsor for our PE kit. All pupils across primary and secondary are provided with Maplefields PE kit which is kept and washed within school as a means to ensuring all pupils participate in PE lessons and intra and inter school fixtures with suitable PE attire. Every PE lesson a pupil is provided with the ‘star of the week’ award. At the end of each term, the pupil that achieves the most star of the week awards will receive a voucher to spend on sports equipment or clothing which can be used within PE lessons, at the Marcon store as part of our reward system.     


Northamptonshire saints (wheelchair rugby):


Maplefields are proudly working alongside Northamptonshire Saints in order to provide pupils with the opportunity to participate in wheelchair rugby sessions. The sessions have allowed pupils to experience a new sport and develop new transferrable skills. As part of the project pupils have had the opportunity to meet players from the Northampton Saints first team as well as represent the school at wheelchair rugby competitions against other clubs across the country.   



Northampton sport – satellite basketball club:


As part of our extended day offer, pupils have been provided with the opportunity to attend an after-school basketball club which is part of the Northamptonshire sport satellite project. An experienced basketball coach delivers an engaging, fulfil and knowledgeable session to our pupils which has been hugely successful.  

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