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Lead Teacher: Mrs C Wyles


Yr7 – From 1066, The Battle of Hastings through medieval times, knights and castles, the Peasants Revolt and Black Death then on to Henry VIII and his wives and the succession of “Bloody Mary”. In term 6 the year groups undertake a local history study: “Corby, then and now”. This looks at the development of the small village of Corby and the impact of the opening of the steelworks and its subsequent closure.


Yr8/9 Cycle A – The studies start with Elizabeth I, the lady herself, the events of the Spanish Armada and her relationship with Mary Queen of Scots. We look at Tudor times, schooling, meals and housing. Then we move to James I, the Gunpowder plot, witchcraft, pirates and the exploration of the USA. Next comes the Civil war, Charles I, the Roundheads and Cavaliers, the impact of Cromwell’s governing of the country with his new Model Army. Then the subsequent rule of Charles II and how he took revenge for his father’s death. The events of the Great Fire of London and the Great Plague finishes off our studies. In term 6 our specialist study is the “History of Crime” where we explore the ways crimes and punishments, of different eras from the Romans onwards.


Year 8/9 Cycle B – This is the introduction of the Industrial Revolution, housing, factories and machinery. The Impact of the railways on society is explored and we look at different Victorian jobs. Later we start to investigate parliamentary reform and the steps taken by groups such as The Luddites and the Swing Rioters trying to gain the vote for the common man. We look at life from 1901 to present day starting with the Titanic, the match girls strike and the Suffragettes. From there we look at The Great war, then WWII including Churchill’s leadership. We finish our KS3 history units with an in depth look at life from the 1920s through to the 2000s and on to today and the impact of terrorism on our lives in the UK.

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