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Motor Vehicle Studies

Motor Vehicle Studies Curriculum Intent

 In Motor Vehicle Studies, our intention at Maplefields in conjunction with Centurion Training Solutions is to give our pupils the opportunity to:


    • Develop a sense of self-worth by introducing pupils to Motor Vehicle Skills and help them to start a career in the motor industry. Pupils will learn to maintain and repair different types of vehicles, identify components and vehicle systems, fit, replace parts and change tyres, giving them the skills and confidence to progress to a vehicle technician.
    • Develop the key skills and understanding to interrogate motor vehicle systems.
    • Gain independence through developing the basic skills needed to apply for an automotive apprenticeship, higher level or similar engineering pathway, also to apply essential transferable skills in different contexts.
    • Develop self-esteem through learning new and essential life skills that enable the pupils to maintain their own vehicles.
    • Promote high aspirations for possible future careers in the industry and practise the skills required for employment and/or career progression in the automotive industry.



Motor Vehicle Studies starts with the institute of the motor industry (IMI) level 1 qualification in vehicle service and repair. This course covers the basics of repairing light vehicles and is a perfect introduction to a career in the motor industry. Our pupils master the basic skills needed to progress to more advanced qualifications, and provides the foundation to possibly get a job in a garage or body shop.


The following criteria are assessed:

  • engine lubrication and cooling systems
  • engine principles
  • fuel and exhaust systems
  • spark and compression Ignition systems
  • vehicle electrical systems
  • vehicle braking systems
  • vehicle wheels and tyre systems
  • vehicle suspension systems
  • vehicle body and interior cleaning


Once the level 1 course is completed, our pupils then progress onto IMI level 2 or 3, This qualification is for anyone interested in starting or developing a career in the motor industry. It provides our pupils with the skills needed to maintain and repair different types of vehicles and systems at a service (level 2) or diagnostic (level 3) level.


The following criteria are assessed:

  • routine vehicle maintenance
  • removal and replacement of vehicle units
  • diagnosis and rectification of vehicle faults
  • understanding complex vehicle systems
  • diagnosis of engine and transmission systems
  • valeting cars or running your own car valeting business
  • fitting and replacing vehicle tyres

After completing these courses, our pupils have industry recognised qualifications that would allow them to get a job or show colleges and employers that they have the skills to work in a range of jobs. It also provides valuable opportunities to develop transferable life skills and improve confidence and self-esteem.

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