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At Maplefields we want to support all of our families to the best of our ability. Our aim is to be a central hub for Parents and Carers whatever the question, concern or request. If we don’t know the answer then we’ll find out who does. If we don’t have a way of helping directly, then we’ll work with you to find out who can help.  We don’t have a magic wand but we have a team of staff who care greatly about our students and their families.


In this section we aim to provide links for parents which may offer useful information, connection to local services and school documents which may be of interest. If you can not find something here and wish to ask for advice please contact the school office and they will be happy to help.

If you wish to have a paper copy of policies or key documents please contact the office who will be happy to help.


We are not directly responsible for the specific content of external websites, they have been chosen and added because at the time we found them they were really good. If you have any concerns about links here or if a link does not work then please report this to the school office so that we can work to keep the website current and effective. 

Pupil Premium - We are allocated a Pupil Premium allowance for students with additional needs. We produce a detailed plan of how this money will be spent to support children. Then we review that spending, to measure the impact and success. These documents are available in the finance section of the website CLICK HERE to jump to that section.

Annual Reviews - We are always looking for ways of improving our offer to our students. The Annual review process is an opportunity to both celebrate a young persons achievements and also to consider ways forward, to enable us to continue to meet their needs. The students voice is central to this process but this can be something which a young person may find difficult to do.  As a way of supporting them to feel more able to take part in this, we have provided a guide for you as parents and carers entitled Person Centred Reviews, which highlights some small changes we are making, to ensure that their voice continues to be heard.

Careers Information and Advice - We aim to provide clear, honest and independent careers advice to all students throughout their time at Maplefields. CLICK HERE to visit the careers section of the website. 

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