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Food Technology curriculum statement


  • In Food Technology, our intention at Maplefields is to give our pupils an excellent opportunity to:
  • Be introduced and build on a vital and essential life skill through the art of cooking using the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet.  Pupils will not only just learn how to cook but will go on to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge throughout the food programme.
  • The students will develop self-esteem through the accomplishment of various dishes from around the world and by understanding seasonality, know what food types are available during the year. They will be encouraged to develop the confidence to experiment through a variety of recipes that will incorporate using the correct equipment and cooking methods to create the various dishes. 
  • Promote a sense of independence through the mastery of cooking in a variety of ways, that will demonstrate their understanding of the principles of nutrition and health.
  • To develop communication skills and positive relationships through working as a team within the kitchens. Enabling pupils to research into origins of dishes and food commodities and to understand the various cultural backgrounds to dishes.
  • To further build self-esteem and confidence through structure and routine within a kitchen building up a repertoire of dishes to a level of competency to be able to feed themselves and others.
  • Incorporating cross-curricular skills such as science when working with chemically raised products, mathematics when measuring or upscaling recipes, English when researching and writing out recipes and PHSE when discussing healthy eating/lifestyles or cultural backgrounds to dishes.




At this early stage, students will be introduced to various types of food and their uses. They will start to learn where foods come from. Through positive encouragement the students will begin the journey to the understanding of basic cooking methods and they will learn to produce fun dishes hygienically and safely.


Lower KS2

Students will develop a basic understanding and importance of personal and kitchen hygiene. They will begin to develop a knowledge of healthy eating. Students will also be furthering their knowledge of cooking methods and of the dishes they will prepare and produce. They will start to discover food commodities.


Upper KS2

 Students will build on their previous lessons taught to develop further their knowledge of personal hygiene. Continue to develop their understanding into healthy eating and its benefits. Learn new cooking methods and dishes thus developing self-worth through achievement. Students will discover how to use and operate various kitchen utensils and equipment to achieve the tasks to a successful outcome.


Year 7    

 Having begun the basic introduction to Food Technology, students will now learn to understand and apply the principles of nutrition and health. The students will continue to build on their repertoire of savoury and sweet dishes so that they are able to feed themselves and others a healthy and varied diet. They will grow in confidence through their knowledge and become competent in a range of cooking techniques.


Year 8 & 9

With student’s confidence growing evermore within the kitchen, an enhanced awareness of kitchen hygiene and safety and the operation of kitchen appliances is carried out. This stage will also see continuation of healthy eating and further cooking methods and the introduction of more complex dishes from across the world are delivered during years 8 & 9. Potential students will be given the option during year 9 to decide if they want to take catering as a vocational subject for years 10 & 11.




During Years 10/11 students will be taught to study Food Tech for 4 lessons per week throughout the whole year with the aim of achieving a City and Guilds qualification (Introduction to the Hospitality Industry – Entry 3 Award. 9 Credits required, or the newly introduced NVQ Level 1 in Food Prep and Cook) This will involve the continuation of practical tasks with the addition of theory assignments to show “in depth underpinning knowledge” of the units selected within the award chosen. Students will also require to be involved in supporting in a “real working environment” showing understanding of good customer service within the school food outlets. With the inclusion of the new City and Guilds NVQ Level 1 Food Prep and Cook, potential students will have the option of going on to college to gain a hirer qualification in catering or gain employment within the hospitality industry.


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