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Purple Class

Purple Class 2018-19




In English, we work with the Read Write Inc. programme. This programme teaches children how to read and spell by using the phonic programme. Throughout the year we will also look at different topics such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare), Aesop’s Fables, Instructions and explanations, David Walliams The Midnight Gang, Fantasy stories – How to Train your Dragon and Poetry. Every morning, children will also come into spellings on their desks to practice each day and will have a test on a Friday.



Throughout the year, Purple class will cover solving money problems by looking at how to add and subtract money using mental arithmetic. We will look at different ways of dividing; the children will practise doing this mentally and looking at dividing with remainders. The class will look at multiplication they will do this through a way of different techniques and find the best route for them. Purple Class will also look at area and perimeter though shapes and objects around the school.



Throughout the year Purple Class will cover rocks and soils, including fossils. We will also look at day, night and seasonal changes, light and sound with electricity, Plants, animals and different life forms and forces. We will use practical investigations, research techniques and class discussions to do this.




In term 1 we are studying the Romans in history, focusing on their weapons, making our own shields for DT and mosaics for Art. In term 2, our focus is Spain. We will look at the geographical location of Spain and focusing on Picasso as an artist. In term 3, we will be looking at the Tudors and Stuarts in history and Term 4 we will look at Rivers and coasts in Geography; this linking to liquids, solids and gases in Science. In term 5, our focus will be the Stone Age to Iron Age and we will focus on recreating our own stone henge and pots and tools. Finally in term 6 we will focus on our local area and ‘this is Britain’. We will look at the different food available in the UK from different cultures.



Throughout the year, Purple class will cover Light and Dark in different religions, The church year for Christians, Jesus in Term 3 and 4 (tying in with Easter) and in term 5 and 6 we will cover religious values and prayer.



Purple class will be learning the skills they need in Basket Ball, Football, Gymnastics, Dance, Tennis and Rounder’s. They will have a lesson with Mr. Lamb (PE lead), every Thursday morning and another follow up session with class teacher on Friday afternoon.



Over the year, the children will look at how to use ICT purposefully within school and then link this to common uses of ICT outside of school. They will then move on to thinking about how to keep safe when using the internet and where to go for help if they have a problem. Beebots and probots will help the children to predict the behaviour of simple programs and create algorithms. Purple Class will also be working with ipads, how to use them safely and what you can use an iPad for.



In Purple class, a part of PHSE will be covered every day through circle time. Throughout the year, the children will look at New Beginnings how to handle change and something new. The class will look at setting a goal and trying to achieve the goals. They will also look at getting on and falling out and how to deal with issues that can occur from this. Purple Class will look at healthy living and lifestyle choices and will look at the different relationships they can have in their life and how to have a safe relationship with people they do not know. In term 6, we will begin looking at changes ready for the children to move on in September.


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