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Drama Curriculum Statement


Drama supports the Curriculum Drivers due to its natural fit for Communication skills and teamwork, alongside developing Self-Worth and Independence. Drama also creates a breadth of wider opportunities within the community and has the ability to broaden students’ horizons with these experiences. Drama in its purest element is a therapeutic process which supports developing empathy through its character work and role play.


There is a fully equipped black box drama studio in the school, along with a lighting board to allow students to utilise this element of drama. The students also have access to a costume and prop cupboard.

As a subject area we have a partnership agreement with the Corby Cube, allowing all students in the school, both primary and secondary, to take part in trips to see live Theatre at the Corby Cube and have visiting workshops.


KS1 and 2:

Within the primary phase, there are linked opportunities to support student’s knowledge of Drama. It is threaded throughout the learning experiences in primary through role play in literacy storytelling and team building activities. It is also a fundamental part of the transition days which take place each year to support bonding with new groups and peers.  Students in primary have opportunities through the Corby Cube agreement to be part of specialist workshops and theatre visits to increase their Drama knowledge and experience.


KS3: Key stage 3 have the opportunity of exploring different themes and issues through the medium of Drama, but with always a focus on teamwork and safe exploration. Discussion and reflection and creativity form a large part of what the drama lessons are all about as well as building confidence, self-esteem and social skills. There is always lots of opportunities to take part in Drama trips and workshops.


Year 7: This year group focuses on basic skills in Drama alongside using the specialist Drama studio regularly and increasing awareness of how to use the Drama space. The basic skills introduced in the first term will set the students up for long term outcomes, as these form the basis of all the drama work over the next few years. The focus here is on the following skills: Listening, Teamwork, Memory, observation and physical and verbal control.


Year 8/9: These year groups look at a range of theatre and drama styles including developing knowledge of numerous theatre practitioners. It also supports a student’s knowledge of different styles of theatre including physical theatre and forum theatre. These year groups increase a student’s skill set and their understanding of explorative strategies and which drama medium is best to convey themes and messages to an audience.


KS4: Students are following the Edexcel GCSE Course. The course overview is as follows:


Component 1: Devising: Create and develop a devised piece from a stimulus. 40% of overall grade.


Component 2: Performance from text: Students will either perform in and/or design for two key extracts from a performance text. 20% of overall grade.


Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice: Practical exploration and study of one complete performance text. Written exam. 40% of overall grade.


KS4 offers a more in-depth opportunity for script work and exploration of a range of drama genres and styles. The written aspect of Drama becomes more involved and analytical, whilst still allowing students to be creative and independent in their drama journey.


Extra- curricular activities so far: Live theatre performances of Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Shrek the Musical, A Christmas Carol, Six the musical and An Inspector Calls. KS1 and 2 students will have the opportunity to take part in a Christmas performance and will choose the area of theatre they want to specialise in. Workshops in partnership with the Corby Cube will also be available to the students, ranging from Movement to Stage Combat. Up and coming trips include Cinderella and The Woman in Black.



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