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PHSE is split into three main topics and every Key stage cover differing skills within all topics throughout each year, although the skills they learn within are progressive:

  • Health and wellbeing.
  • Living in the wider community.
  • Relationships.

PSHE curriculum Statement


In PHSE, our intentions at Maplefields are to give all pupils the new and unpredictable opportunities to:

Identify themselves- their capabilities, attributes, attitudes, achievements, skills, qualities and what influences these. This will include supporting the children to reflect, seek and utilise feedback. We will support the children in building their resilience, perseverance and motivation. To maintain a healthy self-concept.

Understand and build healthy relationships within differing situations, including online.

Be able to identify, assess and manage risks to keep themselves safe but not totally avoid taking some risks. This will include being connected to the world online.

Understand and respect diversity and equality without generalising and stereotyping. We will support the children in identifying peer influences and how they can be the social norms.

Embrace change and circumstances, using resilience, power and inner skills and strategies. They will use their self-regulation skills to promote a positive mindset and manage strong emotions.

Control and encounter power as a need to win. How this can manifest its self into bullying and how it can be used as a form of negotiation.

Find strategies for clarifying their own values and accessing appropriate help and support when they need it.

Gaining empathy and compassion towards others in different situations.

Incorporate cross-curricular skills such as comprehension through school agreed programmes.

Prepare pupils for employability by accessing a varied curriculum and understanding enterprise skills and setting personal goals. To create independence and life skills.

Encourage the children to challenge others opinions during group thinking/discussions by evaluating the arguments.


In Key Stage 1 the children will learn how to understand their own feelings (including loss and changes) and begin to respect themselves and the groups they belong to. They will find out about healthy eating and exercise alongside how to keep themselves safe in different situations such as near water, roads and fire. Key stage 1 children will understand what online bullying may look like and how to get help if they need it. They will begin to understand where money comes from and the impact it may have on their lives. Finally, they will begin to understand what is right and wrong and how this can affect relationships.


In Key stage 2 the children will begin to understand health and hygiene issues such as infections, routines of hygiene, drugs and alcohol and how these impact people’s lives. They will look at risks, hazards and dangers on roads, rails and online. Key stage 2 children will look at how to budget money, including spending and saving, they will have some enterprise opportunities too. They will look at positive relationships and the stereotyping this may include, linking to marriage and how not all marriages are the same. They will look at diversity and discrimination and how this is important to people’s rights ad responsibilities. Finally, they will begin to understand puberty for male and female and sexual intercourse, pregnancy and contraception.


In Key stage 3 the children will understand how to make the right choices in regards to their healthy lifestyles including drug and alcohol misuse and the effects they have on lives. They will also begin to understand peer pressure and gang crimes. They will be encouraged to look to their future aspirations and career expectations, challenging stereotypes. They will learn about discrimination and diversity and how to tackle racism and homophobia. How to manage puberty and any unwanted contact /attention, include ng their self-body image and how this effects mental health. They will have an introduction to romance and sexuality and how consent is vital. They will find out about a variety of contraception to keep everyone safe from STI’s. Finally, they will begin to make financial decisions through an enterprise project where they will learn to budget, spend, save and risks that may need to be taken in regards to profit.


In Key stage 4 the children will learn how to cope with stress and be able to maximise their potentials, tackling stigma. They will find out how gambling can be a huge risk and the effects of this on lives. How social and emotional drug use can also influence their lives. They will begin to look at exact skills they need for their employment/next steps. Key stage 4 children will understand how relationships must be entered freely and that they can change and how domestic abuse is unhealthy within a relationship. Look at role models and the influence they have on our lives. They will look at how they must take responsibility for their own choices including healthy life choices. Human rights and challenging extremism and radicalisation will be explored further in this key stage. Finally, they will begin to look at what parenting actually means and different family styles including how to cope with change, grief and bereavement.

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