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Post 16

In Post 16 KS5 students follow an individualised timetable approach that is formulated using the Preparation for Adulthood outcomes. Skills Builder is also then used to identify strengths and next steps in relation to the 8 Skills Builder criteria. The structure of the timetable is fluid to allow for extracurricular opportunities to meet the emerging needs. For example, travel training. Students will have the opportunity to take GCSE re-sits or progress on from their previous Functional Skill qualification. Students with particular interests could also re-enroll on to one of our vocational option courses to further expand their qualification portfolio. Any KS5 student has the opportunity to access all qualifications that are on offer in KS4.


The following are elements from the structure of teaching and learning in KS5:

Breakfast and lunch as a class group everyday

Morning key times with a focus on: Class assembly, Class follow up discussion, Guided Reading session or 1:1 Reading session, Skills Builder session (based on skills builder criteria) and Secondary reward assembly – 15 mins each.

English x 3 – 45 mins each

Maths x 3 - 45 mins each

Employability/Life Skills x 12 – 45 mins each broken down in to:

Life Skills x 7

Employability (Preparation for Adulthood) x 3

Cooking (Life Skills) x 2 – 45 mins each

Music enrichment x 1 – 45 mins

Art x 2 – 45 mins each

PE x 2 – 45 mins

Duke of Edinburgh x 1 - 45 mins

Enrichment session x 1 – 45 mins

Scheduled reflection times every day at systematic points throughout the day




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